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Post-Holiday Checklist

Wrecked Table Before

Now that the holidays and their attendant festivities are over, we hope you find our “Post-Holiday Checklist” useful. We actually recommend our clients go through this checklist at least twice a year, if not at the change of every season – just to make sure everything’s still up to snuff. It’s a lot easier to address damage when it first occurs!

  • Dining room chairs
    Are they wobbly?
    Broken, chipped, or chewed on*?
    Any upholstery damage?
    Any seat re-weaving necessary?
  • Dining room table
    Water or heat damage from glasses, serving dishes, etc.?
    Leaf mechanism still functioning properly?
    Still have enough leaves?
    Damage / staining from dripped candlewax?
    Edges broken, chipped or chewed on?
  • Bureaus, sideboards, side tables, etc.
    Ring marks?
    Holes / damage from decorations?
  • Armchairs
    Damage from fire sparks?
    Any burn marks from cigarettes, cigars, etc.?
    Arms & legs broken, chipped, or chewed on?
  • Decorative objects
    Anything knocked over, dropped, or chipped?
    Silver serving pieces or place settings need reconditioning?

*by domestic animals, small children, unruly adults…



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January 11, 2014 · 3:36 pm

Home Show – Day One


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September 6, 2013 · 11:02 pm

Interesting stats from

Interesting stats from

The Orangerie, Longleat House, Wiltshire, UK

We recently attended an event put on by They shared the results of a 2012/2013 survey of homeowners – and here’s what they had to say about Nashville:
  • 91% are homeowners – average age is 50; average household income is $106K; average home value is $326K.
  • In the next two years, 81% of homeowners are planning to decorate or redecorate.
  • Top projects planned among Nashville homeowners are bathrooms (25%), kitchens (20%), and landscapes (17%).
  • Also in the next two years, 59% are planning to hire a general contractor; 35% a kitchen & bath pro; 21% an interior designer; 21% a landscape pro; 17% an architect, and 10% a design build firm, among other home professionals.
  • 37% of Nashville area homeowners went over budget on their last renovation project, and 21% had no budget specified at all.
  • 78% said improving the look/feel/flow/functionality was an important motivation behind their projects, far higher than the 50% citing increasing home value; however, home value did increase as a motivator vs. last year. Other important motivators? Storage & organization at 48%, energy efficient at 29% and incorporating new technologies, cited by 16%.
  • Biggest challenges for Houzzers when it comes to renovation & design? Finding the right products and defining their style.
Do you feel these data are representative of your current experience? We have certainly found that the decision to restore a piece or pieces of furniture is taken as seriously as if it were a total home remodel – as it should be. We think the choice of a restoration professional should be considered as carefully as the choice of an architect or designer!

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August 3, 2013 · 7:44 pm

Web with drops

Web with drops

Perfect in its imperfection!
Much of our work creating decorative art products is inspired by Nature.
This is why!

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July 12, 2013 · 5:54 pm

The path to Tregardock, North Cornwall

The path to Tregardock, North Cornwall

This clifftop path, along with several miles of English coastline, is under the protection of the National Trust. Visiting this place after 30 years made me think about the work we do at Rosewalker. There are memories along this path for me, and there are memories in the armchairs and desks and tallboys and dining room tables we restore for our clients…

I’m glad we do what we do.

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May 27, 2013 · 5:06 pm

Seat at Shearwater, Warminster, UK

Seat at Shearwater, Warminster, UK

We like what someone did here with a chainsaw and a vision! The ideal seat if you’re having an argument with someone…!

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May 22, 2013 · 11:06 pm