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We’re proud of our compo!


One of the things that sets Rosewalker Arts apart as a furniture maker is our experience in the restoration and conservation of furniture and decorative art objects. One of the most valuable tools of our trade is “compo” (composition ornament). Compo has been used since ancient Egypt, but really came into its own in England and America in the eighteenth century as a versatile and less expensive medium for the creation of originate architectural and decorative detailing. Compo has been used extensively in the manufacture of fireplace surrounds, crown mouldings, even picture frames.

Rosepetal table 2-top shot - Version 2The ability to make use of compo entails not only making the material itself (each practitioner’s recipe is a closely guarded secret!) but also creating precise moulds for each application. In the case of our Bella Loca tables, we use combo to craft the beaded apron detailing that is one of the options our clients can choose when curating their own table. The beading’s mould is hand-carved out of wood; the combo allows us to manage costs and lead time while still lending a beautiful, artisanal effect to the finished table.


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