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What “coding” has to do with tables…

Code. Commonly known as “a system of signals used to represent letters or numbers in transmitting messages.” Here at Rosewalker Arts, “coding” is a key component of the Bella Loca table design experience. Through our extensive work restoring our clients’ best-loved family heirlooms, we have had ample chance to think about the meaning of furniture and decorative art objects. Yes, there is an aesthetic element in the choosing and appreciating of fine objects. We like the way something looks.

But nothing rivals the piece that has a story attached to it. “I got it in Marbella.” “John and I found it undimg_1101er three inches of dust in a little antique shop in Paris.” “My Aunt Tilly bequeathed it to me.” Normally this kind of meaning is absent in a new piece of furniture you “found on sale.”

Rosewalker Arts wanted to devise a way in which you could not only choose from among proprietary design elements to curate a one-of-a-kind table, but also a way in which you could infuse meaning into your new piece. That’s where “coding” comes in. It might be alilybelle-console-2-leg-detailn optional painted personal message (to be shared or hidden under the table as you see fit), a choice of stencil fabric for the painted stencil finish, or a paint color matched perfectly to a favorite piece of clothing. When you curate a Bella Loca table, you not only have a unique piece of furniture; you have a story to tell.



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