Post-Holiday Checklist

Wrecked Table Before

Now that the holidays and their attendant festivities are over, we hope you find our “Post-Holiday Checklist” useful. We actually recommend our clients go through this checklist at least twice a year, if not at the change of every season – just to make sure everything’s still up to snuff. It’s a lot easier to address damage when it first occurs!

  • Dining room chairs
    Are they wobbly?
    Broken, chipped, or chewed on*?
    Any upholstery damage?
    Any seat re-weaving necessary?
  • Dining room table
    Water or heat damage from glasses, serving dishes, etc.?
    Leaf mechanism still functioning properly?
    Still have enough leaves?
    Damage / staining from dripped candlewax?
    Edges broken, chipped or chewed on?
  • Bureaus, sideboards, side tables, etc.
    Ring marks?
    Holes / damage from decorations?
  • Armchairs
    Damage from fire sparks?
    Any burn marks from cigarettes, cigars, etc.?
    Arms & legs broken, chipped, or chewed on?
  • Decorative objects
    Anything knocked over, dropped, or chipped?
    Silver serving pieces or place settings need reconditioning?

*by domestic animals, small children, unruly adults…



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January 11, 2014 · 3:36 pm

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