Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

A big shout out to Jean from Summers Lumber for alerting us to a big chain discount store’s take on our original Buttonflower design! We won’t name names, but the store in question is selling a large metal flower wall decor piece. When we went to check it out in person, the helpful gal told us they’re flying out of the store – people are using them as seasonal decor in their dens, bathrooms, etc.

Here’s a picture of said item:

Metal Flower Wall Decor

Want a mass-produced, no-two-different wall flower?


Hand-crafted Buttonflower in white, red, blue & yellow

...or a hand-crafted, no-two-alike, original BUTTONFLOWER?!

Of course, we wouldn’t dream of taking credit for the entire “flower” concept – nature did get there a little before us – but we’re (a) happy to see a trend towards flower-based design in wall decor, and (b) inspired to keep making our Buttonflowers the coolest flowers on the block!! Accept no imitations! Insist on the real thing!

**NEWS FLASH** Rosewalker will appear at the Home Decorating & Remodeling Show at the Nashville Convention Center, September 10-12, 2010. Stay tuned for how you can receive free tickets from us!


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One response to “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

  1. Richard & Carolyn, thanks for the link to Summers Lumber. I love browsing your site, but didn’t expect to see the reference. Very Cool!

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