A Bespoke Furniture Project

Here at Rosewalker we have several “signature” design elements. We invite our clients to mix and match, combine with ideas of their own, and in so doing come up with a piece of bespoke furniture or that exactly fulfills their expectations.  Inspired by some console tables we displayed at the Antiques & Garden Show, one of our clients and her designer did just that. They took a look through the catalogue on our Website (see the link in our sidebar) and chose the details and dimensions that would fit their vision.

We married the proportions of our Lilybelle console table

Black & Gold Lilybelle Console Table

with the legs from our Latte Table

Map of the World Latte Table

and came up with this one-of-a-kind piece:

Console table w/inset limestone top (provided by client)

…the possibilities are endless…!



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2 responses to “A Bespoke Furniture Project

  1. Maria

    The golden one is it for sale?

    • rosewalker

      Hello Maria, thanks for your comment. The table is for sale and also another in similar colors with a slightly different pattern. They are $1200.00 plus shipping (depends on where you are of course). Let us know if you have any questions. See our website for our direct email. Thanks, Richard

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