Some Things to Consider When Planning Any Restoration Project

Look for us on page 84!

Roswalker Design Project appears in the April issue of Nashville Lifestyles magazine. This companion piece outlines some helpful tips for anyone considering a restoration project:

Know Thyself
How do you categorize your relationship with the item in question?
-It has personal/sentimental value
-It’s aesthetically pleasing to me
-It’s a collectible

Do you want this restoration to be the focal point of a new look, or to blend in with your current decor?

Are you willing to consider an alternate use/configuration for this piece if it is no longer capable of serving its originally intended purpose after repair/restoration?

Know Thy Restorer
Are they willing to engage in a give-and-take of ideas and strategies for achieving a successful end result?

Are they saying “yes” to all your questions in order to get the job?

Are they providing a satisfactory explanation of the procedures they’ll perform?

Are they showing more interest in what you have to say, or in the piece itself? (Beware the restoration geek!)

What questions are they asking you? For example:
-Do you use this treasure in the course of daily life, or has it become mainly a decorative element (e.g. an antique corner chair)?
-Do you want this to look new or vintage-appropriate?
-What is your ultimate vision for this project?


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