It’s Times Like These

Yeah, you hear it time and time again. “In this economic climate…” “…when everyone’s looking for a way to save money…” “…we know it’s tough out there right now…” These are the ad blurbs we are fed every day on TV, radio, and the Internet. Well, we at Rosewalker have been scared before. As a matter of fact, in the mid-70s unemployment reached 12%, which was higher than it is now. Gas was rationed by restricting which days you could go to the pump based on whether the last digit of your license plate was odd or even. So really, is our economic situation right now the worst we’ve seen since the Great Depression? We think not.

So let’s get to the good stuff. This is a potentially exciting period if we allow ideas to happen. Creative businesses spring up seemingly overnight in situations like this. Survival dictates that businesses that have done well in the recent past come up with a new way to continue. Historical icons will fall by the wayside unless they recalibrate.

We at Rosewalker intend to emerge anew and thrive as a result of what’s happening. To those businesses that have thrown up their collective hands and cashed in their remaining chips we say “We’ll take your chips!” We’ve got a wager we feel good about. We think our rosy attitude is reflected in our recent products, which are fun, colorful, and about as different as you’ll find. Quoting the Foo Fighters, Rosewalker says “It’s times like these you learn to live again!”

Browsers drawn in by our wild Buttonflowers!

Browsers drawn in by our wild Buttonflowers!


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