Welcome from Rosewalker Design Project

logo-on-white-jpegHi, and welcome to our first blog post –

Far from being the “cruelest month,” as T.S. Eliot would have it, April seems to be a month of firsts for Rosewalker Design Project. We sent out our first e-newsletter and are now starting this blog, We will be updating our blog frequently with pictures of our original decorative art pieces, suggestions as to how to approach the restoration of your most treasured pieces, and musings on our philosophy of decorative arts and the place our possessions hold in our lives. To kick things off, we thought we’d answer one of our most frequently asked questions:

What does the name Rosewalker Design Project mean?
We think our name refers to people like you whose feet dance from one pretty blossom to the next, despite the thorns. We hope our designs and services are just such blossoms.

Be a Rosewalker. Avoid the thorns, hang out on the blossoms, and visit us often!


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